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Township of Puslinch, 7404 Wellington Road 34, Puslinch, Ontario N0B 2J0 (temporarily closed)

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Project Updates

The projects listed below are currently ongoing within the Township of Puslinch. 

Recreation and Parks Master Plan
Feasibility Study for Municipal Water and Sewage Servicing
Comprehensive Zoning By-Law Project

Recreation and Parks Master Plan

The Township of Puslinch has prepared a Master Plan to guide the development of recreation and parks facilities and programs over the next 10 years. 

The Master Plan is a balance between the needs and desires of the public and the realities of implementation – the end result being a Plan that meets the highest priority needs of Township’s present and future populations.

Recreation and Parks Master Plan

Feasibility Study for Municipal Water and Sewage Servicing

The Township of Puslinch has initiated a Feasibility Study to assess the viability of implementing municipal water and sewage services within key areas of the Township.

The Study Area Map shows the key areas to be considered in the Feasibility Study for municipal servicing.

Get more information about the study, the questionnaire that was conducted, and an overview of those results.

Study Area Map

A map of key areas in the Township of Puslinch to be considered in the Feasibility Study for municipal servicing

Municipal Servicing Public Information Centre, March 22, 2018

The Township of Puslinch hosted a Public Information Centre to allow interested persons to learn more about the study and the water and sewage servicing options that are being considered in the study. The Public Information Centre was held on Thursday, March 22nd, 2018.

Public Meeting Notice
Public Meeting Minutes

Meeting Regarding Feasibility Study, June 20, 2018

Township Council considered the Feasibility Study at its meeting on June 20, 2018.
The Council Resolutions can be seen here.

Addendum to the Feasibility Study for Municipal Water and Sewage Servicing, June 24, 2019

An invitation to review and provide comments on a long-term vision for Puslinch Municipal Water and Wastewater Services was presented. Consideration was being given to the provision of municipal water and wastewater servicing for Industrial and Commercial users only, within the Aberfoyle community. A Draft Addendum Document was made available on the Township’s website on May 31, 2019. A Public Open House was held on June 24th, 2019 at the Puslinch Community Centre for all property Owners, including residential properties, to review the initial findings of the Study.

Public Meeting Presentation
Comments and Feedback Form

An information package was provided to those individuals who attended the meeting on June 24th. Comments and feedback to the Township was due no later than July 12, 2019

For more information about the Feasibility Study for Municipal Water and Wastewater Services, please contact:

Stuart Winchester, P. Eng, Project Manager
101 Frederick Street, Suite 900
Kitchener, ON  N2H 6R2
519-772-2299 ext. 6202

Karen Landry, CAO/Clerk
Township of Puslinch
7404 Wellington Road 34
Puslinch, ON  N0B 2J0
519-763-1226 ext. 214

Scoped Study Area

A map of the Township of Puslinch showing the scoped area for the Feasibility Study.

Comprehensive Zoning By-law Project

The Township of Puslinch was subject to Zoning By-law 19/85, which was dated and had been subject to numerous site-specific amendments over the years. Therefore, in order to implement new tools and create a more contemporary regulatory document, the Township initiated a new Comprehensive Zoning By-law Project.

The Final Draft of the Comprehensive Zoning By-law was passed as By-law 23/2018 at the April 18th Council Meeting. Please see the Notice of Passing for appeal information.

Zoning By-law Comment Table

The following table shows how all comments relating to the Zoning By-law throughout the process have been addressed.

Comment Table

A chart showing the eight different phases of the Zoning By-Law project.
The 8 Phases of the By-Law development process.

The Puslinch Forward Draft Discussion Paper

Prepared by Stantec and MLS Planning Consultants, this paper consolidates Phases 1-3 of the project and reviews the planning context and key background documents. It also identifies sets of possible options for a new Zoning By-law.

We invite you to review the Draft Discussion Paper found here: Township of Puslinch Comprehensive By-law Project Draft Discussion Paper, January 2017

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