RFP 2020-002 Manufacture and Supply of a Commercial Rescue Truck for the Fire Department

Issue Date: December 24, 2020
Digital Proposal Submission in PDF form will be received by the Township of Puslinch through the online bidding website www.biddingo.com. The digital form of proposal submission in PDF form must be submitted separately from the digital technical/specification submission in PDF form.
Digital submissions cannot be submitted after the submission deadline. Each proponent is responsible for ensuring its submission is submitted prior to the closing date and time. For the purposes of calculating time, the Biddingo time during the upload/submission process will govern. The official countdown clock is the one that is displayed in the eResponse screen, which is accessed through the online submission form. Closing Date and Time: JANUARY 25, 2021
Digital proposal submissions in PDF form must be received not later than 9:00:00am (09:00hrs), Eastern Standard Time on Monday January 25, 2021


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