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Township of Puslinch, 7404 Wellington Road 34, Puslinch, Ontario N0B 2J0 (temporarily closed)

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Local Roads & Sidewalks

Local Road Maintenance

Most of the Township’s local roads are maintained by the Township of Puslinch Public Works department. (Some are maintained by the County of Wellington.) This includes a wide range of maintenance services on the Township’s gravel and hard surface roads, with the goal of providing a safe, efficient, and cost-effective road network for our residents and visitors.

Maintenance services include grading, graveling, applying dust control, sweeping, ditching, brushing, grass cutting, snow plowing and sanding. All road construction work is performed by the Public Works department staff or by area contractors.

Winter Road Maintenance

The Public Works department is responsible for winter maintenance of Township roads. Routine winter maintenance activities carried out by the Public Works department include but are not limited to; snow and ice removal from roadways and parking lots, daily road patrolling, road salt, and sand inventory management. Methods used to provide these services are efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly.

Mailbox Policy

The Township of Puslinch’s Mailbox Policy outlines the requirements for mailbox installation along Township maintained roads and clearly defines the Township’s responsibilities regarding winter damage to mailboxes.

Township Snow Clearing

Roads are cleared according to classification (generally traffic volume and speed limit determine classification) with asphalt roads being cleared first, followed by gravel roads and local streets. All Township snow removal equipment has a predetermined route it follows when snow clearing is required.

The Public Works department is responsible for clearing all Township roads. The County of Wellington is responsible for clearing all County roads and the Ministry of Transportation is responsible for clearing all provincial highways.

Road ClassificationTime to clear
1The Township does not maintain any Class 1 Roads
2The Township does not maintain any Class 2 Roads  
312 hours, when snow reaches a depth of  8 cm
Roads to be served first by the Township
Ice to be treated within 8 hours
416 hours, when show reaches a depth of 8 cm  
Roads to be served second by the Township
Ice to be treated within 12 hours
524 hours, when show reaches a depth of 10 cm   
Roads to be treated third by the Township
Ice to be treated within 16 hours

Township Road Classification

Ann St5MacPherson’s Ln5
Back St5Main St5
Beiber Rd4Maltby Rd E 4
Boreham Dr5Maple Leaf Ln5
Boyce Dr5Mason Dr4
Bridle Path5Mclean Rd E 3
Calfass Rd5Mclean Rd W 3
Carriage Ln5McRae Station Rd4
Carter Rd5Midway Ln4
Cassin Ct5Nicholas Beaver Rd4
Cathrine Ct 5Niska Rd3
Church St 5Ochs St5
Cockburn St 5Old Brock Rd5
Concession 1 4Old Ruby Ln5
Concession 11 4Pioneer Tl4
Concession 2 3Roszell Rd4
Concession 4 4Settlers Ct5
Concession 73Sideroad 10 N 4
Cook’s Mill Rd5Sideroad 10 S 4
Currie Dr5Sideroad 12 N 4
Darkwood Rd4Sideroad 20 N 4
Daymond Dr5Sideroad 20 S 4
Deer View RI5Sideroad 25 N 4
Elizabeth Pl5Sideroad 25 S 4
Ellis RD 4Small Road 4
Farnham Rd5Smith Rd4
Forestell Rd (CTY 35 TO Roszell) 4Tawse Place 5
Fox Run Dr5Telfer Glen St5
Gilmour Rd4Townline Rd 3
Gore Rd (Lennon to 35)4Travelled Rd 5
Gore Rd (Cooper to Village Rd)4Victoria Rd S 3
Hammersley Rd5Victoria St 5
Hume Rd4Waston Rd S 3
Kerr Cr4Winer Cr4
Laing Ct5Winer Rd 4
Laird Rd W 4
Leslie Rd W 4

Depositing Snow on Roadways

Depositing snow or ice on a roadway is a chargeable offence under Section 181 of the Highway Traffic Act.

Removal of Dead Animals

Removal of dead animals from roadways is the responsibility of the area in which the road is located.

If you see a dead animal on a local road in the Township of Puslinch, you can notify the Roads department by calling (519) 763-1226.

To report a dead animal on a County Road, you can notify the County of Wellington at (519) 837 – 2601.

To report a dead animal on a Provincial Highway, you can notify the Ministry of Transportation at 1-800-265-6072.

Sidewalk Maintenance

Private property owners are responsible for:

  • Maintaining all pedestrian and vehicular accesses located behind the municipal curb or behind the municipal curb and sidewalk.
  • Repairing any trip hazards between the back of the curb (if no municipal sidewalk has been constructed) and private accesses.


If you see a burnt-out streetlight or a streetlight that is in need of repair in the Township, please report it using this form. Please ensure you record the pole number, house number, and/or a description of which light needs to be serviced so that we can begin the repair process as quickly as possible. Ensuring our community remains as safe and well-lit as possible is a priority. 


Parking on Township roads is not permitted:

  • in areas where signage is posted;
  • between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m., November 1 to March 31; and
  • in areas where a parked car may interfere with snow clearing.

The Township approved amendments to the schedules of the Parking By-Law to help ensure safety within our community. You can find more information regarding the amendments by viewing the sheets below.

For Parking By-law complaints outside of business hours, please contact the Ontario Provincial Police at 1(888) 310-1122


The Township will assume no liability with respect to damaged items that are placed or installed on the municipal right-of-way.

Roundabout Information

Wellington County has constructed roundabouts at a number of locations throughout their network and has plans to upgrade other intersections in the future. These circular intersections improve road safety and help improve air quality by eliminating unnecessary stops and idling. 

You can find more information about the new roundabouts on the Wellington County website.

Disclaimer: The Township of Puslinch provides the information contained on this webpage with the understanding that it is not guaranteed to be correct or complete, and conclusions drawn or decisions made from such information are the responsibility of the user.