Financial Reporting

Our Finance department is responsible for the administration of the Township’s budgetary process and reporting annually the Township’s financial activity. This information is made available to you in financial documents such as the annual BudgetsDevelopment ChargesFinancial Statements, and the Municipal Performance Measurement Program reports.

The County of Wellington also provides important financial information that is relevant for Puslinch residents.

Development Charges

The Development Charges Study determines the Township’s development charges by taking the following into account; 

  • a forecast of the amount
  • type and location of housing units 
  • population and non-residential development anticipated in the Township 
  • the average capital service levels the Township has provided in the 10-year period immediately preceding the preparation of the background study 
  • a review of future capital projects including analysis of gross expenditures, funding sources and net expenditures incurred or to be incurred by the Township, to provide for the expected development.

The Township’s Development Charges Background Study and By-law was passed on July 17, 2019. The Township’s Development Charge Interest Rate Policy was passed on July 14, 2021.

For more information, see our Development Charges Pamphlet:

Development Charges Pamphlet – 2024

The Township reports yearly on its Development Charge Restricted Reserves.

Financial Statements

Below, you can view the previous and current audited financial statements.

Municipal Performance Measurement Program Reports

Below, you will find previous and current Municipal Performance Measurement Program Reports.

Previous years’ information is available upon request. Contact the Finance department for further assistance.