Dog and Kennel Licences

The Township Kennel and Dog Licence By-law requires every dog owner to register their dog(s) and/or Kennel.

The Township of Puslinch has partnered with DocuPet to provide an enhanced pet licensing experience, offering FREE 24/7 Lost Pet Service and ‘designer’ tags with personalization options to compliment your pet’s personality.  This new service will improve the convenience and compliance of pet licencing, result in increased automation, improve customer service and support our local animal shelters.  As well, licences will now be sold on a 365 day basis as opposed to the calendar year.  Meaning, no matter what time of year you move to our municipality or welcome home a new pet, the tag you purchase will be valid for 365 days.  To learn more about DocuPet, watch the video below;

Licences may be purchased through our official licensing partner, DocuPet, online at or by phone at 1-855-249-1370.

In addition to your pet’s official licence, DocuPet also provides:

  • Full access to the HomeSafe™ 24/7 lost pet service
  • A selection of over 170 designer tag options that double as your pet’s official licence tag
  • A central dashboard for your pet’s medical records and information
  • A quick and easy online solution for purchasing and renewing your pet’s licence

Dog licence fees

Current fees are listed in the User Fees and Charges By-law.

Animal Control Services

The Cambridge and District Humane Society (CDHS) has been providing animal control services for residents in the Township of Puslinch since 2019.

Puslinch Residents can call CDHS at (519) 623-6323, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including statutory holidays for the following animal control services:

  • To report dogs at large
  • To report injured dogs
  • To report injured cats
  • To report aggressive dogs
  • To report deceased domestic pets
  • To report injured wildlife
  • To report Exotic Animals

The Cambridge Humane Society is located at 1650 Dunbar Rd. Cambridge ON. For more information visit the Cambridge Humane Society website.

Exotic Animals By-Law

The keeping of some exotic animals as pets is prohibited in the Township of Puslinch. You can read the full by-law here.

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