Municipal Land Inventory

The Township of Puslinch maintains an inventory of all Township-owned properties. This list and an image of each property is available below.

Property LocationCategoryCurrent UseRole Number Site Area (Acres)Image
Sideroad 10 N CemeteryHowitt Memorial Cemetery23-01-000-001-04100-00000.5Howitt Cemetery
22 Rhodes RdRoad or Development 1-Foot Reserve23-01-000-003-04325-00000.02Rhodes Rd
Concession 2Miscellaneous Property Part of shoreline of Little Lake 23-01-000-003-24000-00000.57Shoreline of Little Lake
Ikonkar PlStorm Water ManagementMorriston Estates – SWM Easement from Ikonkar Pl to Pond23-01-000-005-08712-00000.09Storm Water Management Easement
Ikonkar PlStorm Water ManagementMorriston Estates – Storm Water Management Pond23-01-000-005-08713-00000.47Storm Water Management Pond
Currie DrPark/Recreation Facility Morriston Meadows Park23-01-000-005-09020-00006.12Morriston Meadows Park
Main StPark/Recreation FacilityOld Morriston Park23-01-000-005-09200-00006.12Old Morriston Park
Queen StRoad or Development Right of Way – Across from Historic Corner Block23-01-000-005-10450-00000.08Historic Corner Block
Queen StPark/Recreation FacilityHistoric Corner Block Park23-01-000-005-12100-00000.3Historic Corner Block Park
Queen StStorm Water ManagementStorm Water Management Easement from Whitcombe Way23-01-000-005-12224-00000.34Easement from Whitcombe Way
Church StRoad or Development 1 Foot Reserve23-01-000-005-12225-00000.03Stewart’s Landing
Calfass RdPark/Recreation FacilityTelfer Glen Park & Telfer Glen Park Trail23-01-000-005-15510-00003.84Telfer Glen Park & Trail
Gilmour RdRoad or Development Road Widening dedicated as part of Gilmour Rd (Corner of Victoria Rd. S)23-01-000-006-00903-00000.01Road Widening
4512 Victoria Rd SStorm Water ManagementAudrey Meadows – Storm Water Management23-01-000-006-02250-00006.84Audrey Meadows
Fox Run DrPark/Recreation FacilityFox Run Park –
with ROW onto both Fox Run Dr & Deer View Ridge
23-01-000-006-05431-00005.66Fox Run Park
Fox Run DrMiscellaneous PropertyStorm Water Management23-01-000-006-05465-00009.16Fox Run
Winer RdStorm Water ManagementMcLean & Winer – Storm Water Management23-01-000-006-10100-00009.16McLean & Winer
Nicolas Beaver RdStorm Water ManagementNear Nicholas Beaver-Storm Water Management – Schneider Pond23-01-000-006-10180-00002.5Schneider Pond
McLean Rd WStorm Water ManagementOff McLean Rd – Storm Water Management23-01-000-006-11620-00001.03Off of McLean Rd
23 Brock Rd SPark/Recreation FacilityOptimist Recreation Centre (ORC) & Puslinch Community Centre (PCC)23-01-000-006-14000-000024.12ORC and PCC
7404 WELLINGTON RD 34General GovernmentMunicipal Office23-01-000-006-14620-00004.13Municipal Office
Bridle PathStorm Water ManagementBridle Path-South Side-Storm Water Management23-01-000-006-15554-00001.9Bridle Path South Side
Bridle PathStorm Water ManagementBridle Path-North Side-Storm Water Management23-01-000-006-15654-00003.05Bridle Path North Side
Carriage LaneStorm Water ManagementCarriage Lane – Storm Water Management23-01-000-006-15750-00000.03Carriage Lane (6-15750)
Carriage LaneStorm Water ManagementCarriage Lane – Storm Water Management23-01-000-006-15756-00000.03Carriage Lane (6-15756)
Carriage LaneStorm Water ManagementCarriage Lane – Storm Water Management23-01-000-006-15760-000010.33Carriage Lane (6-15760)
Daymond DrStorm Water ManagementBetween Carriage Lane & Cassin -Storm Water Management23-01-000-006-21140-000019.08Carriage Lane & Cassin
4227 Watson Rd SPark/Recreation FacilityBadenoch Park/Soccer Pitch23-01-000-007-04650-00005.54Badenoch and Soccer Pitch
Watson Rd SPublic Works Facility/PropertySnow Dump off Watson Rd S23-01-000-007-05400-000053.73Watson Rd S
Boreham DrStorm Water ManagementArkell Park – Storm Water Management23-01-000-008-11314-00000.57Arkell Park Storm Water Management
Boreham DrPark/Recreation FacilityArkell Park23-01-000-008-11370-00002.11Arkell Park