Event Permits

Event Permit Types

The Township has three types of event permits that are required for various events within the Township including:

  1. Special Event Permit
  2. Publicized Display Permit
  3. Film Permit

Special Event Permit

A special event permit is required for any event held on a private property in the Township of Puslinch or for any event taking place on a Township road.

If events are publicized and open to the public a Publicized Display Permit may also be required.

Publicized Display Permit

A publicized display permit is required for any advertised display or event display held on private property that includes lights, ornaments, figurines or decorations and may be accompanied by video transmission, projections and music.

Advertisement of the display/event display includes any promotion such as through the internet, print, media or word of mouth to attend the property and view the display.

Film Permit

A film permit is required for any professional, commercial production for distribution and/or for public consumption on any properties or streets within the Township. Exemptions for Film Permits are found in the Filming on Properties and Streets within the Township of Puslinch Policy.

Events in Township Parks

Events in Township parks are permitted in designated parks through our Township facility rental process. To view available rental space visit our Community Facilities page.