Reports & Publications

The Township has developed a number of documents that guide Council and staff in making important decisions.

There are also many initiatives that the Township has completed or is in the process of undertaking. These initiatives have been created to help improve the quality of life for members of the community, improve economic development, and move forward towards a more environmentally sustainable and energy efficient future.

Asset Management Plan

The Asset Management Plan (AMP) is a document that is used in conjunction with other municipal planning and financial documents. In particular, the AMP assists the Township in guiding annual budgets, development charges, and ongoing long-term planning for capital works projects. The AMP utilizes financial forecasts within long-term financial planning. The plan is subject to regulations, standards and policies from municipal, provincial, and federal government levels.


The Township’s budgets are an important tool in determining the service requirements needed and wanted by the community. The Operating Budget is the annual budget of the Township depicted on a departmental basis.

The Capital Budget and Forecast is a multi-year financial plan that provides for the construction or acquisition of capital works and includes future financial resources required to finance capital projects and identifies the financial resources to be allocated from various funding avenues to maintain capital assets.

Business Retention and Expansion Report

Communities recognize that helping existing businesses to survive and grow is a vital economic development strategy. The Township of Puslinch Business Retention and Expansion Report (BR+E) is designed to assist the Township’s businesses in thriving and expanding.

The Township’s BR+E program is a comprehensive and coordinated approach to assisting existing businesses. Visiting current businesses and learning their concerns is only one component of the process. The BR+E program builds awareness of issues that businesses face and builds capacity for the community to be aware and possibly address these issues. The program assists local leaders and community members in working together to provide solutions to business concerns.

Community Improvement Plan

The Township Community Improvement Plan has been created to encourage rehabilitation and stimulate development within the defined project area consisting of the Commercial and Industrial Zones along Brock Road. Once implemented, the plan allows the Township to provide tax assistance, grants or loans to assist in the rehabilitation of lands and/or buildings within the defined Community Improvement Project Area.

County Official Plan

The County’s Official Plan gives direction over the next 20 years to the physical development of the County, its local municipalities and to the long term protection of County resources. The County Official Plan lays out how land in the County should be used. The Official Plan deals mainly with issues such as: where new housing, industry, offices and shops will be located, what services like roads and parks will be needed, when, and in what order, parts of the community will grow, and how and when important resources will be protected.


The Zoning by-law of the Township regulates the use of land and the character, location, and use of buildings and structures within the Township of Puslinch, pursuant to section 34 of the Planning Act, 1983.

Development Charges Study

The Development Charges Study determines the Township’s development charges by taking the following into account: a forecast of the amount, type and location of housing units, population and non-residential development anticipated in the Township, the average capital service levels the Township has provided in the 10-year period immediately preceding the preparation of the background study, a review of future capital projects, including analysis of gross expenditures, funding sources and net expenditures incurred or to be incurred by the Township, to provide for the expected development. The Township’s Development Charges Background Study and By-law was passed on July 17, 2019.

The Township’s Development Charges Information Pamphlet provides an overview of the By-law.

Energy Reporting

The Ontario Provincial Government has committed to help public agencies better understand and manage their energy consumption. As part of this commitment, Ontario Regulation 397/11under the Green Energy Act 2009requires public agencies to report on their energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions annually beginning in 2013 and to develop and implement Energy Conservation and Demand Management (CDM) plans starting in 2014. The Township’s Energy Consumption Report outlines the energy consumption in the Township’s buildings and facilities.

Financial Statements

The Township’s annual Financi Statements outline the financial operations of the Township. These statements are audited annually by the Township’s public accounting firm.

Master Fire Plan

The Master Fire Plan is used as a long range planning tool to guide the priorities and objectives of fire and rescue services. The general objectives of the Master Fire Plan are to complete an assessment of current projects and initiatives in progress, review current services delivered and delivery methods, develop evaluation tools to evaluate and assess service delivery, and provide recommendations to meet any new needs or possible future service requests.

Morriston Streetscaping Project

The Morriston Highway 6 Streetscape Strategy was created to help mitigate traffic concerns and improve the pedestrian environment. This plan builds upon recent initiatives in Morriston, which include larger speed signs, zebra striping of the main intersection off Highway 6 and Badenoch Street, and the community safety zone.

Application has been made to the Ministry of Transportation to approve and implement the plan.

Municipal Performance Measurement Program

The Municipal Performance Measurement Program was initiated by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing and requires all municipalities in the Province to measure and report their performance in a number of core service areas.

Recreation and Parks Master Plan

The Recreation and Parks Master Plan is designed to assist decision makers, stakeholders, and the general public in understanding the identified needs and priorities related to recreation, parks, programs, and facilities within the Township.

Roads Management Plan

The Roads Management Plan (RMP) is a tool in order to maintain and operate the Township’s road network. It is a plan meant to:

  • Allow the Township to appropriately plan and undertake maintenance on the Township’s road network as well as to plan and prioritize the appropriate capital work.
  • Establish criteria and steps to follow for responding to service requests or service upgrades relating to the Township’s road network (e.g., paving, sidewalks, street lights, changes to speed limits).
  • Identify road rehabilitation needs to assist the Township in developing a realistic annual capital budget to provide an adequate service level.
  • Assist the Township in formalizing an ongoing road maintenance operation and to facilitate proactive planning for future operations, replacements, and upgrades.

Urban Design Guideline Study

The Urban Design Guideline Study and Urban Design Guidelines are considered planning tools that are used to shape community design. Design principles and objectives are targeted to specific areas and types of development to:

  • establish safe and pleasant pedestrian environments;
  • improve roads, parking areas and pedestrian paths to facilitate vehicular and pedestrian movement in the downtown;
  • protect heritage buildings and structures in the downtown; and,
  • retain and where possible, enhance attractive downtown streetscapes.

Archived Reports

Municipal Water and Sewage Servicing Feasibility Study

The Municipal Water and Sewage Servicing Feasibility Study was under taken to assess the viability of implementing municipal water and sewage services within key areas of the Township. The Study was tabled by Council pending future funding availability for an Environmental Assessment and the capital costs associated with construction

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