Puslinch By Design: Employment Land Study

What is Puslinch By Design?

Puslinch By Design is a study being completed in partnership with the Township of Puslinch and the County of Wellington to identify additional opportunities for employment lands in Puslinch.

The basis for this study is rooted in the County’s Official Plan Review work. This work identified a minimum 30 hectares needed for additional employment lands in the Township over the long term.

Why is this area being studied?

This study area boundary has been selected as a suitable location to look at options for additional employment lands due to its proximity to Highway 401 and Highway 6. It is vital to the economic sustainability of Puslinch and is significant to Wellington County as a whole.

The black line indicates the boundaries of the Puslinch by Design Study Area.

Do you want to stay informed about this project?

This is a multi phase study with various engagement opportunities along the way. All steps will be shared directly with the Interested Party List and will be available to the public through the Township’s website, County of Wellington’s website, as well as through the Township’s social media.

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What is the timeline for this study?

Phase 2 – Existing Conditions

  • Spring/Summer 2024
  • Research and analysis of topics to consider for Puslinch’s employment lands (examples: transportation, land-use) which will establish the background context

Phase 3 – Detailed Planning Study

  • Summer/Fall 2024
  • Bring together the background conditions and key information necessary to form land-use options for the future employment lands

Phase 4 – Land Use Options

  • Summer/Fall 2024
  • Prepare several Land Use Options reflecting key issues and opportunities for development

Phase 5 – Preferred Land Use Plan

  • Fall/Winter 2024
  • Outline the rationale for the preferred land use plan, along with the policy designations and maps, infrastructure needs, design guidelines, and implementation guidance

Phase 6 – Recommended Local Development Framework

  • Winter 2024/Spring 2025
  • Prepare the Official Plan Amendment policies and mapping based on the Preferred Land Use Plan to apply the study’s recommendations