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Township of Puslinch, 7404 Wellington Road 34, Puslinch, Ontario N0B 2J0

Lottery Licences

Red, blue and purple raffle tickets

You must apply for a licence to run a lottery event in the Township of Puslinch. Lotteries include a prize, the chance to win a price and a consideration or fee to participate.

Lottery Licence Eligibility

In Ontario non-profit and charitable organizations can apply for a lottery licence if they fall into the following charitable categories:

  • Relief of poverty
  • Advancement of education
  • Advancement of religion
  • Other charitable purposes beneficial to the community that do not fall into any other categories
    • Culture and the arts
    • Health and welfare
    • Amateur sports organizations
    • The enhancement of youth
    • Public safety programs
    • Community service organizations

For more information regarding the charitable categories and their eligibility please visit the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario’s Lottery Licensing and Policy Manual.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for a lottery licence your group must also:

  • Have been in operation for at least one (1) year
  • Have a place of business in Ontario
  • Demonstrate that its mandate provides charitable services to the Township of Puslinch community
  • Prove that lottery proceeds are needed to help support your group’s services or programs

Examples of eligible organizations including but not limited to:

  • Churches
  • Minor Sports
  • Services Clubs
  • Registered Charities

Note: Individuals and businesses are not eligible for lottery licences e.g. Buck and Does.

Lottery Applications

Once your eligibility has been approved follow the package instructions below to submit your lottery licence application.

Raffle Forms

A raffle is a lottery scheme where tickets are sold for a chance to win a prize in a draw within a capped prize amount of $50,000 for total prizes.

Raffle Licence Terms and Conditions

Raffle Lottery Application Checklist

Raffle Lottery Application

Raffle Lottery Report Checklist

Raffle Lottery Report

Blanket Raffle Forms

A blanket raffle licence allows eligible organizations to obtain a single lottery licence to conduct and manage more than one type of raffle event within a fixed period and from one location within a capped prize amount of $50,000 for total prizes.

Raffle Licence Terms and Conditions

Blanket Raffle Lottery Application Checklist

Blanket Raffle Lottery Application

Blanket Raffle Lottery Report Checklist

Blanket Raffle Lottery Report

Bazaar Forms

A bazaar is a sale of goods held to raise money for a charity.

Three types of lottery events are permitted at bazaars:

  • wheels of fortune
  • bingo
  • raffles and penny auction raffles

Bazaar Licence Terms and Conditions

Bazaar Lottery Application Checklist

Bazaar Lottery Application

Bazaar Lottery Report Checklist

Bazaar Lottery Report

Catch the Ace Forms

A “Catch the Ace” progressive (accumulating jackpot) raffle lottery is a multiple-draw game which:

  • all ticket holders have a chance to win a prize consisting of 20% of ticket sales for an initial draw
  • the winner of the draw has a chance to win a prize consisting of 30% of ticket sales from each draw held to date, which progresses from draw to draw until the winner of the initial draw selects the Ace of Spades from a regular deck of cards

Catch the Ace Terms and Conditions

Catch the Ace Lottery Application Checklist

Catch the Ace Lottery Application

Catch the Ace Lottery Report Checklist

Catch the Ace Lottery Report

Break Open Ticket Forms

“Break open tickets” (BOTs) are instant-win lottery tickets, commonly known as “pull tab” or “nevada” tickets and the brand name “Pocket Slots.” Break open tickets:

  • are made of cardboard
  • have one or more perforated cover window tabs that conceal winning and losing numbers or symbols
  • are played by tearing off the cover tabs
  • include deal cards and bingo event tickets

Break Open Ticket Terms and Conditions

Break Open Ticket Lottery Application Checklist

Break Open Ticket Lottery Application

Break Open Ticket Lottery Report Checklist

Break Open Ticket Lottery Report

Bingo Forms

Bingo is a game of chance where players are awarded a prize or prizes for being the first to complete a specified arrangement of numbers on bingo paper, based on numbers selected at random

Bingo Terms and Conditions

Bingo Lottery Application Checklist

Bingo Lottery Application

Bingo Lottery Report Checklist

Bingo Lottery Report