Fibre Internet Initiatives

The Township of Puslinch is excited to partner with the Puslinch Highspeed Initiative Committee, a local volunteer organization who has been advocating for high-speed internet service in the Township for over four (4) years. There are currently two active fibre internet initiatives taking place within the Township during 2024. Learn more about the opportunities below and contact the Service Providers to see if you are eligible for fibre internet today.

Puslinch Highspeed Initiative Committee

The Puslinch Highspeed Initiative Committee has been tracking the progress of the installation of fibre internet throughout the Township for some time based on observational data and input from residents via their Facebook page. Their Facebook page serves as a forum for all things related to internet services in Puslinch, and has over 500 local members.

The Committee has developed mapping that is available to the public that identifies the Township road network, the service provider servicing each road section, and the estimated stage of construction. It should be noted that none of the Internet Service Providers have endorsed the mapping at this time. The mapping can be viewed at the link below.

Rogers Fibre-based Internet Project

On August 28, 2023 the federal and provincial government announced $219 million in combined funding to bring high-speed internet access to over 66,000 households in more than 300 underserved communities, including over 600 Indigenous households. This project is being completed by Rogers and a number of Puslinch communities are benefiting from this project.

Staff have received a map from Rogers which identifies roads that are part of the subsidized project in red, and roads where the service will be available but not subsidized, in green. Rogers has communicated to the Township that the project is anticipated to be completed by the end of 2024.

Standard Broadband Fibre-based Internet Project

Standard Broadband has been completing similar work in Morriston with some grant funding, though most of their work has been completed at their own initiative and cost.  Standard Broadband’s work is scheduled for completion in 2024.