Ontario Ministry of Transportation Notice of PIC For Highway 6 Halon Expressway Midblock Interchange

Full Notice of Public Information Centre can be found here.

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) is proceeding with the next phase (Phase 2) of the improvements of Highways 6 and 401 between Hamilton and Guelph (G.W.P. 3042-14-00) by constructing a new interchange on Highway 6 (Hanlon Expressway) north of Highway 401 (the Project).

Building on the approved Individual Environmental Assessment, this study is being completed in accordance with the requirements of a Group ‘A’ project under the MTO Class Environmental Assessment for Provincial Transportation Facilities (2000). Additional information can be found on the Project website: highways6and401hamiltontoguelph.ca.

A virtual Public Information Centre (PIC) is being held online through the Project website to enable interested stakeholders to view details of the study and facilitate discussion between the public and the Project Team. The purpose of this PIC is to provide an overview of the study process and design, a summary of potential environmental impacts and proposed mitigation measures, next steps in the study as well as a review of key concerns on the Highway 6 / Hanlon Expressway Midblock Interchange from the previous PIC for Highways 6 and 401 Improvements.

The PIC materials will be available online as follows:

Where: highways6and401hamiltontoguelph.ca

When: December 6th – December 12th, 2021

A PIC Comment Form will also be available online until December 19th, 2021 providing the public the opportunity to ask questions or submit comments on the PIC materials.

If you require further information regarding the Project, would like to participate but do not have access to the internet, or have accessibility requirements in order to participate in this virtual PIC, please contact the AECOM Project Manager Tim Sorochinsky at (905) 418-1475. You may also contact the Project Team by email at ProjectTeam@Highways6and401hamiltontoguelph.ca.


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