Comments regarding Heritage Designation Process

The Township of Puslinch is requesting that property owners complete the form below to provide comments regarding the Heritage Designation Process.

Purpose of Heritage Designation

Heritage property designation serves to:

  1. Recognize the importance of properties with cultural heritage value or interest;
  2. Identify and protect properties with cultural heritage value or interest;
  3. Encourage good stewardship and conservation; and,
  4. Promote knowledge and understanding about properties and their impact on the community.

Designation under the Ontario Heritage Act applies to real property, and helps to recognize and protect the heritage features on that property.

Designation not only publicly recognizes and promotes awareness of heritage properties, it also provides a process for ensuring that changes to a heritage property are appropriately managed and that these changes respect the property’s heritage value. This includes protection from demolition.

More information on the Ontario Heritage Act can be found at the link below:

Heritage Designation Process

There are five key steps to designating an individual property under Ontario Heritage Act. These include:

  1. Identifying the property as a candidate for designation;
  2. Researching and evaluating the property;
  3. Serving Notice of Intention to Designate, with an opportunity for objection;
  4. Passing and registering the designation bylaw;
  5. Listing the property on the municipal register.