One way that Puslinch celebrates all that it has to offer is by highlighting the natural beauty that exists all around the Township. The Township maintains two gardens that are open for the community to enjoy, and make wonderful locations for wedding, engagement or family photos.

Millennium Garden

Millennium Garden can be found beside the Puslinch Library. This garden was part of the Township’s millennium celebrations in the year 2000 and sits where The Lewis General Store – a historical Puslinch landmark – once stood until it was taken down in the late 1990s. The stone foundation walls were left in place and the garden was built on its site.

As you walk along the garden’s path, you can’t help but notice the abundance of flowers that are bursting with vibrancy and life. If you’re looking for a place of serenity and peace, Millennium Garden is it. It’s the perfect place to retreat to for a quiet moment, which explains why many couples have chosen it as the intimate setting for their wedding nuptials and photographs.

a lawn with flower beds in Millennium Garden in Puslinch, Ontario

Historic Corner Block

Another beautiful garden in Puslinch that celebrates the heritage of the Township is the Historic Corner Block. This little park was created by the Morriston Women’s Institute and features the bell from the Morriston School at its heart. The Historic Corner Block is a relaxing getaway, a place to marvel at nature and a space that showcases a piece of the Township’s rich heritage.