Delegate Request

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A maximum of two delegates can present a single delegation item.

Note delegation requests regarding a general topic will not be accepted after the agenda publication deadline (being 7 (seven) days in advance of the scheduled meeting).

Delegation requests regarding a topic on the upcoming agenda must be submitted prior to noon (12:00 p.m.) the day prior to the Council/Committee meeting. Any delegation requests received after 12:00 p.m. will not be accepted in accordance with the Procedural By-law.

Applicant Information

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Rules and Procedures Relating to Delegations

In accordance with the Procedural By-law 2022-046, I (we) understand that:

1) any presenter(s) under the age of 18 must provide the Clerk with written permission from the individual’s parent or guardian.

2) a copy of the completed Delegation Request Form and any supporting material will be made available to the public and included in the meeting agenda package. I understand that the Township will redact my address, phone number and email address when making the completed form public.

3) delegations are limited to 10 minutes.

4) no delegation shall be made to Council or Committee on matters relating to litigation or potential litigation, including those matters which are before and under the jurisdiction of any court or administrative tribunals unless such matter is referred to Council by the said administrative tribunal or court.

5) delegations shall refrain from repeating information on the same matter presented by other delegates.

6) no delegation shall speak on a matter that is not within the jurisdiction of the Council or Committee.

7) no delegation shall be made to a Notice of Motion on a Council or Committee Agenda. Delegations will have an opportunity to speak at a subsequent meeting when the item will be discussed.

8) no delegation shall be permitted to speak on a Notice of Motion to reconsider.

9) delegations shall not be permitted to appear before Council or Committee for the sole purpose of generating publicity for an event.

10) a delegate shall only be permitted to speak on behalf of another person, agency, group or corporation where written authorization from the person, agency, group or corporation has been submitted to the Clerk in advance of the Council or Committee meeting.

11) if the delegation is unable to attend the meeting for which the delegation has been requested that a written submission may be provided to the Clerk.

12) if a delegation has been made on a matter and a decision has been made by Council, the delegation cannot be heard again unless there is new information being presented.

13) Specific Interest Delegation Requests must be received by 12:00 noon on the business day prior to the Council/Committee meeting.

Freedom of Information Disclaimer

Personal information collected on this form is collected under the authority of the Municipal Act and will be used only for the purpose of sending correspondence relating to matters before Council or the Committee and for creating a record that is available to the general public in a hard copy format and on the internet in an electronic format in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Questions regarding the collection of this information may be directed to the Township Clerk’s office.

The Township of Puslinch is committed to providing accessible formats and communication supports for people with a disability. If another format would work better for you, please contact the Township Clerk’s office for assistance.

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