Loch Buie

The Highland Scottish immigrants to Badenoch named a small reedy lake on the northern extreme of the Badenoch section Loch Buie on lot 26, rear of concession 9, Puslinch. This is pronounced “Lock Boo-ee” which means Yellow Lake in Gaelic and is descriptive of the lake. Lot 26, rear concession 9 was originally owned by Andrew McRobbie.

The farm across the road, lot 27, front concession 10 was owned by the John McLean family. The McLean family emigrated from Killihuntly, Inch Parish, Badenoch, Scotland and called their farm “Loch Buie Farm”. The name remained as the farm was inherited by successive generations of the family, the Buchanans and the Toshs. In fact, the area surrounding the lake came to be referred to by the name Loch Buie, also.

Youngsters from Badenoch have skated on Loch Buie through the generations. It is also a haven for wildlife and a peaceful spot in our Township.

In 2013, Loch Buie was marked by a Puslinch Heritage road sign as a natural heritage feature of this Township.