Puslinch Lake

When the Township of Puslinch Public Works Department placed the signs on natural features of note in the Township in 2013, Puslinch Lake posed a problem. With the sign at the lake itself, it couldn’t be seen from the road. Since the idea of the signage was to alert residents to the significance of heritage features, it made more sense to place the sign for Puslinch Lake on the Accommodation Road at the entrance to McClintock’s.

Further east on the same road is Little Lake, named for its size in comparison to the main lake – not the Little family who settled in the area. It has been called “bottomless lake” for years by local residents, not named because it was deep but due to its gooey base. Over the years, this has been a popular fishing spot.

Puslinch Lake is the largest kettle lake in North America. If you visit Puslinch Lake, it’s very common to see people enjoying a number of recreational activities including swimming, fishing, sailing, motor boating, and water skiing. Pedestrian access to Puslinch Lake is available at the end of Travelled Road and no parking is permitted at this access point.